Our Product

LaneCruise™ is a consumer product, designed to deliver Level 3 driving automation to any car you currently drive! Our goal is for you to buy LaneCruise, install it in your car and begin experiencing self-driving technology without having to buy a new car. Once its installed, LaneCruise will provide the following Level 3 features on board, while constant improvements and new features continue to be added to the software via updates:

  • Hwy speed Lane/Car Following, keeping safe distance while steering.
  • Stop & Go traffic, keeping following distance and steering, city/hwy.
  • In City Traffic following.
  • An advanced UI interface and platform that brings your car to the information age.
  • Compatibility with the most popular cars on the road

LaneCruise is X-Marik's first product, and we think it will be the platform upon which so many new products can be built. This is because of the modular design of the system, broken up into sub-components that each accomplish a certain task.

Our Design


Learn about LaneCruise, by hovering over and clicking the sub-systems that make up our L3 self-driving system.

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Our dual camera solution is a unique vision solution that combines the input from two different cameras (wide lens and far lens) to track the lane markings and other cars on the road. Our vision system uses two distinct methods of detection. "Direct Filtration" and "annotated object training". These two methods each have their own strengths and weaknesses. LaneCruise correlates the findings from each method along with the X-Beam data to validate all detection methods against one another. The system can detect cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians as obstacles, while also detecting lane markings, and curbs as guiding features of the road.


Our proprietary sensor detects the distance and speed of objects in 3D space, allowing the LaneCruise system to navigate the vehicle in traffic. Traditional Lidar systems are costly, have limited field of view and require expensive computers to analyze the incoming data. X-Beam is a multi-ray, self-aiming 2D sweep sensor, capable of making 50'000 measurements per second. It costs 1/7th its equivalent sensor in the market in terms of function. The sensor utilizes a much narrower vertical field, and by aiming or "focusing" this field in the desired direction, captures the most relevant data, saving cost, data and computational power. Unlike Radar sensors, Lidar also has the advantage of finding the size of objects regardless of their material.


Touch screen user interface that provides stunning UI, multimedia functionality, navigation, internet access and so much more! With our screen you don’t just get a touchscreen in your car. Your car will enter the world of the internet of things, allowing us to write really useful apps for your car. Here are a few examples of the apps we'd like to write:

  • Dash cam 2.0: able to record from all of LaneCruis's hardware, this app will make accident recreations a thing of the past. You can record live video with your speed, date/time and location printed at the bottom of the footage. Capture video from two different cameras and the 3D space data, giving you precise location of other cars and object at the moment of an accident. Put it all together and you’ve got dash cam 2.0! The ultimate legal tool.
  • Car Tracker: Forgot where you parked? Someone borrowing your car? You can find out where it is and how fast its going, along with historic data to know if someone’s been misusing your car.
  • Car Spy: not only can you get footage of where the car is driving from the view of the on board cameras , you can get a glimpse of who’s driving your car by using the internal camera on the touchscreen to take a picture of the driver and send it to your phone!


One of the most unique features of the LaneCruise system, X-Wheel eliminates the need for the host car to have electric steering. If your car has a steering wheel, LaneCruise will work on it! X-Wheel also removes the need for our system to tap into your car's electronics, leaving your car's warranty and systems intact! X-Wheel will be designed to work specifically with your car's steering, utilizing a common core and universal mounts while providing car specific adaptors for some models. Sign up for our Beta program so you can help prioritize the roll-out of X-Wheel for your car's make and model.

Control Box

This module box, located under the driver’s seat, its where all the electrical hardware, is housed, providing 110VAC outlets and USB charger ports for all your other in car accessories. The Control Box is mostly invisible to the user, but does a pretty important job. Helping manage the communication between the touchscreen PC and the sensors and actuators of the system. The control box is hardwired safe, which means regardless of what happens with the PC or the touchscreen; it will safely be able to disengage all vehicle controls, resuming manual driving.

How it comes together

LaneCruise utilizes a hybrid intelligence system, combining machine learning (AI) and programmed responses to control the vehicle. The data from the Lidar sensor and cameras are analyzed for lane markings, side curbs and the presence of large objects such as cars, pedestrians or road signs. The system then chooses the best path forward and by controlling the steering wheel and the pedals via the X-Wheel & X-Pedal system keeps the car safely on the road. The user can feel and watch the pedals and steering wheel being controlled while sitting in the driver seat! If you ever decide to take control of the vehicle, a simple touch of the brake pedal or pull of the steering wheel, will disengage the system completely.

"Feel and watch the pedals and steering wheel being controlled while sitting in the driver seat!"

We believe simple is beautiful, we allow car makers to do what they do best, making cars! While start-ups like ours focus on driving. We bring together a multidisciplinary approach that is focused on bringing the cost of level 3 automation down to a point where:

“Anyone who can afford a car can afford LaneCruise.”


Say Hi to V-One!

Take a peak at our prototype, V1.0, we've taken a traditional car, the 2008 subaru forester, and by installing LaneCruise given it L3 self-driving capability. We are focused on bringing the cost of level 3 automation down to a point where:
“Anyone who can afford a car can afford LaneCruise.”