Automation for All

Our Mission:

Our mission is about automation, it isn’t about driving or even cars. X-MatiK will one day be the technology provider for all things automatic. Simply put, we aim to help usher in an era of true human freedom, by automating mundane and repetitive tasks out of our lives. X-MatiK will offer products that allow us to focus on the challenging and creative endeavors of life.

We've begun our mission by focusing on driving. The driving world is moving towards more automation, this is a certainty. The question is, when? And how?

X-MatiK aims to bring driving technologies currently available to the few, to the masses. We enable every driver that owns a car today, to benefit from the currently available driving automation technology. Our first product, LaneCruise will provide Level 3 automation as an add-on to any car you currently drive. Our subsequent products will target L3+ and finally L4 automation as an add-on! Keep your car it works!"

Why Automate Driving

Time = Money

The average driver spends 50minutes (0.83 hours) in their cars commuting to and from work. This doesn’t include the time they spend running errands, going on vacation or giving rides. In our world this is allot of time! Time that is wasted, in a mundane, none value added and stressful environment, i.e behind the wheel of a car, typically in traffic. LaneCruise gives you, your time back.

The average Canadian has an income of $27/hr. Considering a 5 day work week, the cost of driving yourself is:

Driving Cost=($27.0 ×5days ×0.83hr )×52day=$5,847 /year

LaneCruise will cost a fraction of that amount and have an almost immediate payback


Imagine every day you wake up its end of day light savings! Imagine the once a week long drive to be a pleasant experience of catching up. Your daily commute time, could be yours again, the time you spend doing nothing but getting to work, is now going to be time you plan for. The open road is only as open as your ability to pilot the car, imagine that not being a limitation.

Whatever it is you could use the time for, its more than just dollars and cents, it’s the immeasurable value of getting back a piece of your life you had lost to driving without really noticing.


Every year we suffer the passing of more people through car accidents than most diseases and all terrorist acts (37’000 /year US). Advanced driving automation saves lives and in significant numbers! Human error can have devastating consequences, and it can be prevented via technical solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for manual driving. As opposed to Band-Aid solutions that aim to control our behavior, X-Matik will propose solutions that eliminate the problem at the source

Featured Safety functions:

  • NO CAN-BUS hacks! Leaves your car's electronics intact and inherently safe
  • Full external actuation system with redundant mechanical and electrical disconnects, giving you full control
  • Dynamic Power Limit to allow human intervention at all times
  • "Health bar" to warn driver and give back control to the driver under bad road conditions
  • Collision alert and lane departure warnings while in manual mode
  • Automatic Intervention System, engages the brake in case of imminent collision to reduce the likelihood and damage of head-on accidents

Being alert behind the wheel is the most critical aspect of safety. LaneCruise enhances the user's senses by being a second set of eyes on the road.

X-Matik, September 10, 2016

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